I will fight for health care

All Cook County residents deserve affordable, quality health care. COVID-19 brought to light the struggles of so many to obtain basic care and underscored the devastating consequences those disparities can have for all of us. I will work to improve access to affordable health care, including mental health services, in all our communities.

I will fight for the environment

The economy. Property values. Our very well-being. They all depend on a robust environment. I will defend good stewardship of our precious resource, the Cook County Forest Preserve system. I will advocate for improved public transportation options, infrastructure that is friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists, and policies to get people where they need to go safely and efficiently.

I will fight for safe communities

We must confront the epidemic of gun violence that has shaken our communities. I support commonsense efforts to regulate firearms as part of our effort to address this public health emergency, while respecting the right to gun ownership for sport and self-defense. Our law enforcement must have the resources and training to prevent crime and effectively prosecute violent offenders, and our communities must have the mental health services and other social supports necessary for an appropriate and effective response to each call for help. I'll fight for both.

I will fight for efficient use of tax dollars

Smarter use of our tax dollars will better meet the needs of our communities. That's why the County Board must lead in coordinating state, municipal and county services. We’ve all seen a newly repaired road torn apart a year or two later because of yet another construction project. We can’t afford this! Whether dollars are wasted by the state, county, city or town, it's the taxpayer who foots the bill. I will make coordination across governments in Cook County a priority.